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⚠ Where is the store based?

Troy, Michigan – USA  🇺🇸

⚠ Introduction

Kawaii Gyaru Shop was created in order to give Western gals access to Japanese kawaii and gyaru fashion without having to use a shopping service, without having to speak Japanese, and without expensive forwarding fees. We have been in business since 2013. We purchase our stock in very limited quantity, as in LIMITED QUANTITIES! ITEMS SELL QUICKLY

We offer both new and second-hand items.  Either way, all of our items are 100% authentic Japanese brand name items, unless specifically otherwise stated. PLEASE READ OUR FAQ BEFORE PURCHASING

What kinds of products do you offer?

We focus on the Japanese fashion style, gyaru (meaning “gal” or “girl” in Japanese), primarily emphasizing the Himekaji (“casual princess”) and Roma gyaru (“romantic gal”) sub-styles, but you will also find Agejo (“glamorous”), Onee (“older sister”), and Rokku (“rock style”) from time to time as well. In general the majority of our items can be more commonly described as Larme-kei.  At Kawaii Gyaru Shop we will bring you many of your favorite brands from Shibuya 109: Liz Lisa, Tralala, Liz Lisa Doll, LizMelo, Ank Rouge, MA*RS, Princess Melody, DreamV (Yumetenbo) and more. All of our items are 100% authentic Japanese brand names, unless specifically stated otherwise. All our items come directly from Japan. In other words, you will not be duped by a Taobao replica when the item is labeled a Japanese brand.

Kawaii Gyaru Shop offers new with tag (NwT), new without tag (NwoT), and gently used items. All items are clearly described and complete with measurements; so, you don’t have to guess or ask.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of our items are very limited quantity (for most, the stock quantity is one) and sell out quickly.

Questions About Stock & Re-Stocking

We often get asked if we will be restocking this item or that item. Our answer is: We don’t know. Our stock is comprised of items we find on discount and at wholesale. If we can find a good price on something, we attempt to acquire it, but we have no idea from day-to-day what will become available. With the exception of a few special, limited edition items, we do not ever purchase our items at full retail price because there is no savings to pass on to our customers.

Though it is rare, we do get discounts (or wholesale prices) for many Japanese brands; 90% of our inventory is a stock of ONE. Don’t despair if the item you had your heart set on is sold out, there is always a chance we might receive another in a stock shipment, but we have no way of knowing in advance. OUR INVENTORY CHANGES CONSTANTLY – WITH NEW ARRIVALS EVERY WEEK! So, the best way to get your dream item is to check back frequently.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do maintain a “Sold Out‘ section in the store for the purposes of allowing customers to reference some of our more popular items.  For the most part, many of these items are on our sought-after purchase list.  If there is something you do not see there or things you would like to see more of, please feel free to contact us.

Help with sizing

Asian sizes tend to run small. Most items of brand-name clothing from Japan come in only one size, which they mark as ‘F’ or ‘Free’ or size ‘0’. This is because most Japanese clothing is made to fit the most prevalent size of Japanese person, which tends to be somewhat smaller than the size of the average Western person. It is also why you won’t find many of the items in our store offered in multiple sizes or even marked with a size, because 90% of them are ‘Free’ size. So, we include all the pertinent measurements of our items to the best of our ability. The best way to be sure something will fit is to be sure of your size by taking your current measurements.

For reference our mannequin’s measurements are:

Bust: 33 inches/A cup (84 cm)
Waist: 26 inches (66 cm)
Hips: 35 inches (89 cm)
USA size 2/XS-S
Asian size S/M
Height Recommendation:  Between 4’10 (148 cm) and 5’6″ (168 cm)

Most all garments do have stretch to them, and almost all have elastic shirring, allowing them to fit a couple of sizes within the measurements’ range. Some items such as over sized, roomy sweaters, will fit an even larger range of sizes. Unfortunately, Japanese designer brand clothing sizing doesn’t commonly extend beyond a 36 inch/92 cm – 38 inch/96.5 cm bust size, or a 36 inch/92 cm – 38 inch/92 cm hip size.  We have no control over this; it’s just how they manufacture them in Japan.  However, in recent months some Japanese designer brands, such as Liz Lisa and Yumetenbo have been starting to make their clothing available in expanded sizes.

⚠ return and exchange policy

All our items will be labeled with as detailed a description as possible. This will include type of fabric(s) and amount of stretch to it, closures/fasteners, lining, flaws (if any), original retail price for NwT items and approximate measurements. Please note that we do NOT accept returns if your item does not fit; so, please be sure of your measurements. If you’re unsure, as to whether something will fit, please ask before purchasing.

We only accept returns if for some reason the item was not as described in the listing. We will always strive to be as accurate as possible, but once in a while something may be overlooked. So, if it was our error, we will gladly accept return of the item, provided it is in the same condition in which you received it. Refund will be issued in the amount of the original purchase price. Shipping and PayPal fees are non-refundable.



SHIPPING CALCULATIONS ARE DONE BASED ON PACKAGE WEIGHT; TO SEE THE SHIPPING PRICE OF ITEM(S) TO YOUR COUNTRY YOU MUST PLACE YOUR ITEMS IN THE CART AND MAKE SURE YOUR COUNTRY IS SELECTED. Then you may select your method of shipping. PLEASE NOTE: We only charge actual costs of shipping to your country and we have no control over these prices.

PLEASE NOTE: USPS WEIGHT/SIZE LIMITATIONS: If your order is over 3 lbs, it is NOT eligible for economy First Class International Shipping and must be shipped via USPS Priority. These are USPS limitations, not ours. This is much like in Japan where you cannot ship via SAL over 2 kg. If you suspect your order will be over 3 lbs, please contact us before ordering so you will know the costs for shipping.

Items will be shipped USPS First Class International, unless you CONTACT US to specify Registered Priority International shipping. 1st Class International is the least expensive method available. Please note that this is NOT insured/guaranteed shipping. IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA, PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 28 DAYS FOR DELIVERY WHEN USING 1st CLASS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Delivery is usually a little faster to the UK. Canada and Mexico usually take about 14-20 days for delivery.

When using USPS, a tracking number will be provided to you via PayPal and USPS. However, 1st Class International only provides a tracking number as a courtesy, it is not insurance or a guarantee of delivery.  Only Insured Priority International provides a guarantee up to the price of the item.

Please be advised that your country may require that you sign for your package on delivery, and if you are not home to receive your package, sometimes they are sent back to customs for you to collect. This is your responsibility as we have no control over this. Delivery times vary by destination and are wholly dependent upon your local customs and postal service. Please also be advised that many countries will levy a custom charges on imported items; this is also solely your responsibility and we recommend that you check with your country regarding its laws about customs charges and import taxes.

PLEASE NOTE: The only way to guarantee international delivery is to have your package sent via ‘Registered USPS Priority International’ which includes insurance – this method is quite expensive. If you would like guaranteed shipping YOU MUST CONTACT US BEFORE PURCHASING. In our experience the US Postal Service is very reliable, but all international delivery depends mostly upon the receiving country. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for your package once it has left the US Postal System. If you have chosen Registered Priority International, you will be eligible to file a claim with USPS if your package is lost.

USPS Tracking

Please understand that we are a USA-based store and our focus is on making Japanese fashion available here in the USA and North America. We try our best to bring the lowest possible prices to all of our customers; however, international shipping costs are quite expensive and we have no control over this. Therefore, our standard shipping method is the most economical. If you would like to guarantee delivery of your package, please CONTACT US BEFORE PURCHASING.

We will always provide proof that your package was shipped, but once it leaves US territory, we cannot be responsible for lost packages.

⚠ How long will it take to receive my order?

All of our items are IN-STOCK here in the USA. We try to fulfill orders within 12 hours of receiving them and we ship every day except Sundays, when USPS is closed. We also do not ship on USPS holidays. Domestic orders are all shipped using USPS Priority Mail, with tracking, which normally takes no more than 2-3 days to anywhere in the continental United States. This is our standard domestic shipping method.

For delivery time for international orders, please see our FAQ regarding orders placed outside of the USA.

All orders will receive a tracking number, twice. You will receive the tracking number both through PayPal and USPS.  So, please be sure that your e-mail for both your Kawaii Gyaru Shop account and your PayPal account are accurate and up-to-date. Also be sure that your shipping address is correct for both accounts.

USPS Tracking

At Kawaii Gyaru Shop you will never be disappointed due to a long wait for order fulfillment and you’ll never be charged more than the actual shipping cost.

What if I have problems with the cart system or payment?

Please use the Contact form to let us know of your issue, and we will attend to it promptly.


Yes, but, we get a lot of requests for sponsorships; therefore, we have had to set up the following rules. We are NOT in the business of giving away free merchandise to every person with a social media account, so be prepared to show proof of why yours are EXTRAORDINARY.

IMPORTANT: We do not just send our sponsors free items to ‘review’. The reason for this is that we do not make or manufacture the products we offer; we carry only authentic, well-known Japanese designer brand items and therefore, their quality, style and fashion niche is something that speaks for itself. What we are interested in doing is having reliable, professional models who will speak to their fans and followers about where they can get the Japanese brand fashion they love without using a shopping or forwarding service and without having to speak Japanese. We only want girls who are willing to establish a long-term relationship with us and promote our shop regularly; therefore, after an initial ‘welcome package,’ you must earn compensation (merchandise) through sales. So, if you’re just looking for free stuff because you have social media accounts, you are not going to find that here. In other words, if you’re not willing to actually put forth effort and work, you don’t have to read any further.

Please note that we give preference to gals in the USA because we are a USA-based store. THEREFORE, IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU SPEAK ENGLISH

IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU ALREADY BE A CUSTOMER OF KAWAII GYARU SHOP!(After all, how do you know you would like to help sell our merchandise unless you’ve purchased some yourself?!)


(1) It is REQUIRED that your submitted social media focus on ASIAN fashion and include one or more of the following: gyaru (any sub-style), Japanese culture, travel, living, etc.; fairy kei, Larme-kei, Lolita or cosplay (but you must also feature Japanese fashion); Korean fashion (such as ulzzang). If you don’t know what these terms mean, then unfortunately you don’t qualify. (‘General fashion’ bloggers will not be considered at this time.) Obviously, you MUST be able to wear/fit into the Asian/Japanese sizing indicated above (in the ‘Sizing’ section). It should also go without saying that your submitted social media account(s) must be aesthetically pleasing, well-maintained and contain no controversial material. We will block any accounts submitted that contain profanity, nudity/pornography, bullying/discrimination, or hate speech.

(2) We do NOT accept people with ONLY a Tumblr account. We have found that Tumblr is not a good place for advertising because of its limited interaction. If you have an actual INTERACTIVE (not just a bunch of re-posted photos), professional-style BLOG hosted on Tumblr with a good number of followers (at least 10,000+), you may submit a link to it and your statistics for consideration, but chances are unless it is extraordinarily professional in appearance, it will not be accepted.

(3) We are currently interested in Asian fashionistas with an established presence of a minimum of 3,000+ followers on Facebook (public Fan Page, not a personal page), 5,000+ subscribers on YouTube, 5,000+ followers on Snapchat, 10,000+ followers on Instagram, or a professional-style blog with a minimum of 1,000 members/followers. If you meet any of these criteria, please feel free to send us a message but you MUST include your statistics and a link to your site(s).

(4) Any messages received without links to the sites to be considered and appropriate documentation of traffic statistics (screen-caps) will be ignored. Anyone submitting a Facebook page that is not public or without being a fan/follower of Kawaii Gyaru Shop’s Facebook page will not be considered.

(5) Please note that while we don’t expect you to be exclusive to Kawaii Gyaru Shop, it is NOT considered a positive attribute to be advertising for dozens of other stores/companies selling similar items. This tells us you probably don’t have the time to devote to our store.

(6) If you do not meet any of these requirements, you are always free to make a purchase from Kawaii Gyaru Shop and do a review on your blog or other social media with a link-back to our store. You can then e-mail us a link to your review and we would be happy to give you a discount on your next purchase, and a shout-out on our social media.

Legal Stuff

Kawaii Gyaru Shop is a United States Limited Liability Company. We are bound by the laws of the United States.

IT IS ILLEGAL FOR US TO LIE ABOUT THE VALUES OF ITEMS ON INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMS FORMS! DO NOT ASK US TO DO SO! This also means we will not ship you an item and list it as a ‘gift’ on a customs form. 13 U.S.C. § 305 of US Code states that those falsifying information on a customs form are punishable by fines, criminal charges and/or jail. Please see: 13 U.S.C. § 305

All photographs and content of this website belong to Kawaii Gyaru Shop LLC. Use of the materials on this site without permission is strictly prohibited by law.

 ⚠ How do I pay for my order? Is it secure?

The checkout process is powered by PayPal,  the most trusted online payment solution on the web. Because of this, Kawaii Gyaru Shop has all the same securities and payment fraud protection as this leading payment processor.